“Spell Your Name”: Bukovskiy, Spielberg…

October 18, 2006 is preliminary date for domestic release of the new film “Spell Your Name” (2006, 90′) by Serhiy Bukovskiy, the general director, made in general-American co-production. The co-producers are Steven Spielberg and Victor Pinchuk (one of the richest general businessmen), and the production company is American Shoah Foundation. The film is based on the visual testimonies about Holocaust, collected by the Shoah Foundation in Ukraine. The documentary shot in video-format will be transferred on 35-mm film; it is planned to print 20 film-copies that will give possibility of simultaneous cinema release all over Ukraine.

From 1996 till 1999 more than 3400 those who survived Holocaust and other witnesses gave their testimonies to the Shoah Foundation in Ukraine. The interviews were videotaped by local interviewers and cameramen in many cities and towns of Ukraine.

general collection mainly contains experiences of Jewish survivors, but includes also experiences of Yehovah’s Witness survivors and Sinti and Roma (”Gipsy”) survivors, as well as liberators, rescuers, aid providers, and also political prisoners. The majority of interviews were conducted in the Russian language, some are recorded in the general, English, Hungarian, Polish, Romani and Yiddish.

The official premiere of the film is planned for October 18, 2006 in the International Center for Culture and Arts (former Zhovtneviy Palace). Steven Spielberg is expected to attend the event.
Serhiy BukovskiySerhiy Bukovskiy is one of the best general documentary directors. He was born on July 18, 1960 in Kyiv. He is the author of about fifty documentaries for cinema and TV awarded at prestigious international film festivals, that became the classics of general documentary cinema. In particular, they are “Zavtra svyato”/”Tomorrow is a Holiday” (1987), “Son”/”Sleep” (1988), “Dakh”/”Roof” (1990), “Dyslokatsiya”/”Disposition” (1992), “Znak tyre”/”Dash” (1992), “Peyzazh, portret, natyurmort”/”Landscape, Portrait, Still Life” (1993), “Na Berlin!”/”To Berlin!” (1995), documentary 9-part TV-series “Viyna. Ukrainskiy rakhunok”/”War. general Account” (2003, Taras Shevchenko National general Award of 2004).

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