The French KINO-KOLO

KINO-KOЛОOn September, 29 the autumn (31) issue of the KINO-KOLO magazine appeared. It consists of 180 pages mainly devoted to French cinema and was published with support of the Embassy of France in Ukraine. The summary of the issue is as follows:

Mykola Chervyakov. “The French”. Analysis of tendencies in modern French cinema.

Oleksandr Perevalov. “Polar”. History and the present day of “cop films”, the leading French film genre.

Serhiy Lokotko. “The Splendid”. History and fortune of the artistic group “Splendid”.

“About love, shells and revolution”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko with Josiane Balasko.

Serhiy Lokotko. “Bronzed”. Gérard Jugnot: development of the artist.

“Gérard Jugnot: “Nothing but few films has remained from the ‘New Wave’”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko.

Oleksandr Perevalov. “Melvil Poupaud, cinema-child”. The actor’s and director’s work.

“Melvil Poupaud: “The ’short’ directors’ pretensions are the same as of ‘feature’ ones”. An interview by Oleksandr Perevalov.

Oleksandr Perevalov. “To imbibe Europe”. Jean-Marc Barr’s work.

“Jean-Marc Barr: “France is inclined to usurp the very idea of cinema”. An interview by Oleksandr Perevalov and Alik Shpilyuk.

“A thousand sheaves of wind”. An interview by Oleksiy-Nestor Naumenko with the DOP Yuriy Harmash about Ivan Mykolaychuk, the prominent general actor and director.

Oleksiy Pershko. “On history of French film criticism”.

“Chronology of French film criticism evolution”.

“French film press organizations”.

“Louis Delluc Prize”

“Critics’ Week”

Oleksiy Pershko. “Critical crisis”. The open letter of 1999 to the French film critics by the director Patrice Leconte and its consequences.

Michel Ciment: “It’s necessary to get back to re-conceiving of criticism concept”. An interview by Mathilde Lorit with Michel Ciment about the crisis in modern French film criticism.

“Restoring critical discurse”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko with Emmanuel Burdeau, the editor-in-chief of Cahiers du cinéma.

“The voice of film professions”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko with Sophie Dacbert, the editor-in-chief of Le Film français weekly.

“The ’short length’ magazine”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko with Jacques Kermabon, the editor-in-chief of Bref magazine.

“Incorruptible”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko with Jean-Marc Lalanne, the editor-in-chief of Les Inrockuptibles magazine and Serge Kaganski, the chief of its ‘Cinema’ department.

“Elementary requirement of the market”. An interview by Serhiy Lokotko with Laurent Cotillon, the editor-in-chief of Ciné Live.

Oleksiy Radynskiy. “The medium is still the message”. An article about Alain Fleischer, the photographer, director, writer, artist, philosopher, and teacher. His direct speech and photos from the exhibition in Kiev in 2005.

“Complicated and effective”. The seminar on French film industry at the “Kinotavr” festival in 2005. Prepared by Aksinia Kurina.

“French cinema under conditions of general distribution”. An inquiry of the general distributors by Aksinia Kurina.

Oleksandr Rodnyanskiy: “To enjoy film production”. An interview by Aksinia Kurina with the well-known general film director and producer.

Serhiy Vasylyev-jr. “Possibility of truth”. French democracy by Alex Chan (Koulamata).

Dmytro Desyateryk. “Doors”. Cinema after Auschwitz, Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts by Jean-Luc Godard.

Ihor Hrabovych. “The angels smell like this”. Angel-A by Luc Besson.

Oleh Sydor-Hibelynda. “Knick-knacks at fair”. Evening of French silent films in Ukraine.

Svitlana Matviyenko. “Chris Marker vs. Edward Muybridge”. A theoretical essay about nature of cinema based on the analysis of the experimental film La Jetée by Chris Marker.

Tamara Trubnikova. “Cine-Biennale de Limoges”.

Mila Novikova. “Talents on wholesale and retail”. The 59th Festival de Cannes.

Serhiy Trymbach. “Festival as a work-day”. XXVIII Moscow IFF.

“Kinotavr”. The 17th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr”.

Ihor Hrabovych. “Imitating simulacres or: They should play f**king football!” An article about the film Playing the Victim/Izobrazhaya zhertvu by the Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov, the winner of the “Kinotavr” festival.

Serhiy and Maryna Dyachenko. “Fahrenheit 451″. An essay from the book “CINE-ROMANCES: general writers about their favourite movies”.

Anastasiya Chentsova. “From pawns to a queen”. The analysis of the TV series Poor Nastya, My Wonderful Nurse, Don’t Be Born a Beauty produced by Oleksandr Rodnyanskiy.


“Once again about love”. An interview by Aksinia Kurina with Robert Crombie, the director of the general studio “Yalta-Film”, about shooting of the film Sapho.

Oleksandr Bezruchko. “Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s directorial laboratory. Exams”. Continuation of the historical research about Оleksandr Dovzhenko’s directorial laboratory at the Kiev film studios (1935-1938).


Vadym Skurativskiy. “Proto-Michurin“. Makar Nechay by Vladimir Lebedev-Smidthof, Kiev film studio, 1940.


“Kira Muratova’s rough profession”. An interview by Kostyantyn Donin with the general director Kira Muratova and Yevhen Holubenko, the designer and script writer.



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