Farewell, Molodist?

Andriy KhalpakhtchiOne of the main sensations of this year’s “Molodist” is its Director General Andriy Khalpakhtchi’s announcement about his decision to retire from his position after the Festival. The news where made open for media at the special press-conference half way along the event. KINO-KOLOnewspaper has tried to clarify the situation.

Mr. Khalpakhchi, is it true that you are retiring from the position of Director General and leaving IFF “Molodist”?
Yes, I’ll retire from the Director General’s position but in no circumstances I will not leave the Festival. Perhaps, 15 years of wasting organizational and financial work have exhausted all my resourses. I will stay at “Molodist” as an artistic supervisor or consultant, and I believe it will give me more opportunities for creative improvement of this forum.

In your statement, you made a request to the authorities concerning confering to the festival the status of “National”…
Yes, this is the issue we’ve raised time and again as this in the first place will give a chance to include financing of “Molodist” as the separate appropriation title to the state budget. And we believe that our Ministry of Culture should make the official presentation as it happened in Russia with the Moscow International Film Festival.

Which amount are you counting on?
It’s not only a question of sum but also of receiving this money in time. This year the final decision on shortening of state financial support was made on September 29, and we were put into very complicated conditions. As for the sum, to my opinion it should amount to $300.000 at the least. But even after my press-conference the only institutions alarmed concerning the destiny of the Festival were our sponsors. So I would like to thank such companies as Nokia, Ilta-Peugeot, Stella Artois, Radisson Hotel, Loto-Zabava Trade Mark, and all our media partners. Thanks to them, “Molodist” is alive and I believe its golden age is still ahead.

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